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Brakes Upgrade

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In my book, being able to stop on time is even more important than being able to go fast. Since I am considering Turbo charging my GS300 with the left over parts from my supra upgrade (see previous post), I have also been looking at upgrading its braking abilities. Following recommendations from some fellow supra turbo owners, I have upgraded the stock system on my supra with the 6 piston rotora big brake kit getting the car ready for the upcoming added power and I am considering doing the same for my GS. While searching for the best prices on those kits, I came across a post from some guy named Arthur who had offered a group buy discount to the members of the subaru WRX club and quite frankly, the prices were very attractive. However, when I checked out his website ( his listed prices were several hundred dollars higher than other web suppliers I have found in my quest. I have taken the liberty to send him an email asking him to put together a group buy package for us and I suggest that any of you guys that are interested should do the same. His email address is Below is a link to the WRX forum that will give you an idea of what his prices were

Cheers :cheers:

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the stock Supra TT calipers are the best price/performance brake kit for the GS.

The calipers fit bold-on, and also the Supra rotors fit.

I don't have any doubt that the braking performance will be at least as good as the Rotora 4pot, but I am not sure how well they are handling 400 rwhp.

I personally would go for AP 6pot if you are going to 400 rwhp, rather than the Rotora.

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You are welcome :)

most of the modded Aristo TT will have the Supra TT caliper upgrade, and are very happy with them.

The only difference with some other brakes is that the Supra calipers are huge and will not clear with some rims. Also, these are a bit heavier than the AP or the TRD or DS-Racing monoblock calipers.

But in terms of stopping power the are on top of the 4pot league. :)

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Transfer of the supra brakes over to the GS is a plug-and-play affair. All you have to do is cut the dust shield behind the rotor to accomodate the larger calipers, buy some new SS brakelines for the GS and u are good to go.

Aristo tt owners in Japan own 450rwhp cars and they use stock supra brake upgrades. I think the AP 6-pot would be a waste of money.

Go with a monoblock 4-piston aluminium brakes upgrade. They are lighter, smaller and brake just as good as the Supra.

I think Guru mentioned a company before..... :whistles:

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