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Couple Of Small Mods To Make On 02 Es 300


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first i want to black out part of the tail lights. has anyone done this? pics would be appreciated. I have a white 02 es 300 with limo tint and want to make it look a little more custom.

2nd has anyone removed the " es 300/330" letters off the back of the car? i have seen other types of cars have it done and it looks nice and custom.

and 3rd I want to put a set of 20' rims on my ride. If you dont have something nice to say than don't say it. its just what I want and was wondering if anyone had seen any models like mine on 19s or 20s. or if anyone had suggestions on what rims to put on.


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Every ES on 20s I've ever seen looks silly, IMHO. I don't like them personally on any car, but the ES is kinda high waisted anyways and the big wheels make it look like a truck.

To make it look okay on larger wheels it needs a drop and a bodykit.

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If you dont have something nice to say than don't say it.

Well, I was going to say something but I guess I'll respect your wishes and keep my big mouth shut. :rolleyes:


You are new to this forum and most likely new to other car forums as well. You are more than welcome here.

Just one little piece of advice: attitude is not tolerated here. I am not saying you have one, but be careful on how you word your posts.

People can only read words here and it is difficult to interpret tone from a computer screen. With that being said, when you post and ask for people's opinions, be prepared to read the positive opinions and as well as the negative opinions. Regardless of whether you ask not for the negatives, you will get them, you cannot not filter them.


In my honest opinion, I would go more than a 19" rim and the car would have to be lowered. 20" rims on an ES makes it look like a bug ready to pounce.

I saw one once, looked like one of those Bayou Mud Bogging machines. Not a fan.

On my 02, I didn't black out my tails but rather silverrized the amber bulbs. I used stealth bulbs to eliminate the fried egg appearence front and back. Turned the entire light more silver and euro. Let me know if you are interested as I have some bulbs left and they are yours if you want them.




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hey steviej and rest of forum:

didnt mean to give a negative vibe or anything because I am a pretty down to earth person. I just dont like being called ghetto or trashy for liking rims 20' and above.. lol but I am happy i found this site and very open to suggestions and tips about cars as well as sharing mine also.

how much would a kit like that cost and cost to have installed? if anyones had any experience please let me know!

and I really do like those lights better that you have can I install those myself? im not too good with working on cars although im trying to get better

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