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Factory Warranty Almost Up.....

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So my 40,000 factory warranty is almost up (yes I have purchased the extended warranty to 100,000 miles) and I wanted to know if anyone could give me some advice on some things maybe I should have checked out before this warranty expires? I am trying to be "ProActive" rather than "Reactive". I have noticed a few things that I plan on bringing to the attention of my Lexus Service Consultant next week for my oil change and service and I have been looking at some of the SB's posted on a website TAM the Auto Media (http://forums.theautomedia.com/local_links.php?catid=1) to bring to the service guys attention and asked to have looked at.

I have noticed some creeks and noises coming from the drivers seat.

I have heard a rattling noise coming from the sunroof when the sunroof is open and the windows too.

I notice on cold days after it has rained the front speaker cuts out.

When going over bumps I notice the noise is louder than normal when the front end is hitting the bump.

The steering wheel isnt straight (Again) .... kinda feels like it is pulling to the right a bit.

Also I live in AZ where it doesnt really get too cold but a few weeks out of the year and this year has been mild one however and I do see these posts on here where most complaints of noises and rattles come when it is cold and people have asked extra insualtion foam be added in certain parts of the car. Well these last few weeks I have noticed some of these rattles and creeks but cant really tell exactly where they are coming from and it is starting to warm up so maybe you could suggest work you have requested be done on your ride.

Also, is there anything those of you who own a 2006 GS430 have noticed after the 40,000 that they wish would have happened before or someone might have suggested for them to have Lexus check out before it expired.

Really appreciate any advice any of you could give.....

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