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Trailer Wiring


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There are instructions for various wiring set-ups here: http://www.etrailer.com/faq_wiring.aspx

How it is done exactly depends on what type of wiring harness you buy. Installing most involve connecting the wiring harness to wires leading to the tail, stop and turn signals of the car and running a power wire forward under the car to connect to the engine bay fuse box or battery. The wiring harnesses I've seen come with detailed installation instructions.

The wiring harness I have on my 00 LS400 is from Modulite. I had a mechanic run the power wire forward under the car and he connected it to a power terminal on the fuse box in the engine bay. He told me that he exited the power wire from the trunk through an existing grommet for ABS wiring and attached the power wire with wire ties to existing wiring under the car. He didn't have to drill any holes.

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A wiring kit for your car might be difficult to find.

Nope, it doesn't take a wiring kit designed especially for your car -- just one that is compatible with the tail light types on your car and trailer. If you need assistance in choosing the right kit, I suggest visiting a trailer supply store -- that's where I bought mine.

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Can anyone tell me how to wire for trailer lights on a 2007 ES 350?

etrailer.com is the best place to get a wiring kit (and bolt on hitch) for a 2007 es 350.

because the lexus light system doesn't carry lots of current you have to have a kit that runs a heavy positive wire to the battery from the wiring switch box in the trunk or you might blow the computer out.

mine taps in to the existing wires in a traditional manner which seems to work okay (knock on wood).

if you can find a kit that just plugs into your existing harness go for it, it'll be worth the extra bucks.

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