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Battery Only Rx400h

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....not unless changes are made to its operating system. The batteries need to be charged at a minimum level or their longevity will be adversely affected, so forcing the vehicle to run on batteries alone for more than a short period of time is not wise unless more batteries are added. Of course, this may mean that the engine oil is not heated up sufficiently to "burn off" moisture. You see, it's not a simple answer.


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yea, but the 100mpg Prius? that's adding more battery power. What's the point of a plug-in lexus if you only get 2 miles at best on battery?


Now if the OP meant CAN batteries be added, and CAN the hardware be hacked, yes. The Ford Escape is built on a very similar platform as Toyota, and the Escape has been mod'ed, so it's possible. Wheather it HAS been done is another question.

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