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Rx330 Rear Wiper Blade Replacement

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First step to changing the rear wiper blade is you have to remove the small cap that is preventing the wiper to move up.

If you try to pull up the wiper, the cap will block it from going up. you should notice it right away.

To get this cap off, pull outwards on each side of the cap and pry it up. You will hear a pop and you will think you broke it but its perfectly fine.

After that is off you can now pull up on your wiper and you can take the main piece out.

Then the last step is to pull the rubber from the center. This is the most difficult stage. pull it kind of hard until it comes out from a side and then you can remove it. This step is just like taking a rubber wiper off of a regular OEM wiper blade.

It is kind of hard to explain how to take the rubber out but if you take it to lexus dealer, they will show you how to do it.

Good luck!

I take no responsibility in you breaking anything from following my procedure. This is ENTIRELY your choice and your decision.

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