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Car Names, What Name Have You Given Your Lexus?

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The Lexus are called simply "Red Car" and "Blue Car" in the family. Not too inventive or imaginative. However I had a lot of Volvos in my life, and some of their names were:

"The Brown Bomber"

"The Yellow Peril"

"Smokey Joe"

"Volvo From Hell" (sold that one with extreme prejudice....)


Most of my customers named their Volvos (I used to specialize) various Scandinavian names, mostly boring.

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My wife called her last RX "Lexi" <_< original huh?

She wanted to call this one...wait for it...................."Lexi". /sigh

women huh ;) y do we even put up with them......? oh yeah its cause of the (y) B)

i decided to call mine natasha

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I always name mine sled. The Jag was named Dover cuz it was white tudor same color as the cliffs/sands of Dover, the Z car was Azure as in the beautiful blue seas color it was, I had a Chevelle named Chefe cuz it had the Boss v-8 and finally the Lexus is Bento cuz I speak some Portugues and this car drives like the wind and wind down in Rio was vento and a oriential trying to say vento would come up with "bento" hope that makes sense and doesn't offend anyone

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