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An Unexpected Problem

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Thanks to everyone who helped me on my last post ... sorry i havnt been on this for awhile to thank yall cuause school and stuff. but yea i have a problem that i had no idea of and have no idea whats causing it. the light that lights up in the dashboard to show me my speedometer doesnt work . i mean it cuts on very dim when i cut my head light off but at night when i need my head lights its black. what does that mean? i was thinking i need a new battery or something?... i called my machanic and he said something about if its something i forget what that its a !Removed! to get to from what i was understanding it cost alot to fix can anyone tell me whats wrong? thnx guys....

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Check the little knob on the left side of the steering wheel (on the dash); it controls the light (dimmer) on the speedometer.

but does that affect the light at night ? because its completely off when my head lights are on. i remember touching that so im going to re adjust it .

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