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Heater Vents

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I am having a problem with my vents. The driver side vents (on the dash) blow air all of the time, even when the mode is set for floor and the air is not as hot as the passenger side. I think this is probably a servo problem. I saw a very good thread on changing the servo's, but I can't find it. Does this sound like my problem?

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Sounds like it. Servo DIY

Thank you! You've made my day.:cheers:

um u know i ALSO posted that on here you too....


since some people dont stray back and forth like me (im a info !Removed!, more information i acquire the better)

i tried to make my DIY as simple and easy for every1 if you have ne problems, let me know..

either one will work as the are both my DIY write ups....but if u notice the one from the other site is still being talked about/looked at as im having what seems to be a ac/heater control head problem. i wont know till i take it back to the dealer and have them diagnose it

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