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Any Opinions Of Gs-460

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I would like to have an idea of people having GS-460 , IF THEY LIKE IT OR ANY PROBLEMS .

I have an 08 GS460. Except for a problem with the front brakes making noise when I first got the car it's been great. Lexus fixed the brake problem by isntalling the low dust pads and that was the end of that. The GS 460 obviously shares a body type with the 350 but they are very different cars. Electronic computerized brakes, electric power steering, completely different adjustable suspension and probably other stuff too. I have a SC430 which I always thought was fast. The GS 460 is faster and corners flatter. I'm not crazy about the run flat tires. I took them off my SC and will take them off the GS as soon as they wear out. I had the dealer give me a spare. There is a place in the trunk for it. Mileage has been a pleasant surprise. If I keep it at about 65 (which is hard) I get better than 28MPG. At 80 it drops down to about 26 MPG around town, mixed driving about 21. All better than my SC 430. The first shift from first to second in the morning is a little harsh. After that it is smooth. Lexus said this is normal with this tranny and that the LS 460 does the same thing. I'm used to it now. My guess is that eventually they will have a TSB to modify the shift point when the engine is cold. Other than that the car is a delight to drive. Just hard to keep under the speed limit.

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Hi, We have a 2008 GS460 and love it. As mentioned, the 1st shift from 1st to 2nd in the morning can be a shock, but after that the 8 speed transmission is a dream. The car can accelerate from 70 to 100 very quickly and smoothly. We love the seats, the sound system, and the ability to choose the suspension we want. We wish for a bigger trunk and a nav system that could understand us and not require us to be stopped to work. There are frequent comments about rattling sounds from the dash and, knock on wood, we haven't experienced that yet. We can get 28 to 30 mpg out on the freeway, plus, it's a great looking car. We test drove other cars, and as drive down the freeway we remember the BMW drivers can't figure out their music due to the idrive, and the Infiniti drivers can't hear their music due to the road noise. We love our GS.

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