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Eagle F1 All Season For Is 350

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We just had out first significant snow-fall since I put these tires on the car. I have to say I am impressed. Handled the streets really well. Just a bit of slip when starting from a stop with ECT snow on. Handled the turns really well. The biggest test-- our long inclining driveway which used to give our old FWD car serious difficulties was managed with aplomb.

Just figured I'd post if anyone was interested in a good winter/all season tire to replace the summer tire and its utter inability to do anything at all once the weather turns a bit icy.

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glad to hear the IS350 can survive the snow. due to an accident with my winter car, i had to get snow tires on mine this past weekend...haven't had snow yet this week...but it will come soon. with dedicated snow tires and common sense, i'm not anticipating problems, other than feeling bad for driving it in the crappy weather and salty roads. :)

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You guys are making me feel like I should've bought an IS350 :( The only reason I passed on the car was because I thought it wouldn't handle that well in the snow, even w/winter tires. So I went w/the 250 AWD.

But I still gotta say, we had some significant snowfall so far this winter & this car kicked a**. Never got stuck once, even going up the steepest, iciest hills

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i would still much prefer FWD or AWD in bad conditions...but i believe the general feeling is that RWD is perfectly fine in snow, assuming proper tires and intelligent driving habits. here in WI, i see more SUVs and trucks in the ditches than anything. traction only gets you going faster...nothing is going to help you stop much faster if you have to hit the brakes on ice/snow.

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