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Car Wont Please!


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Hello everyone, I am a proud owner of a Lexus LS400 ('92) v8. I usually have no problems at all with my vehicle. But yesterday I tried to start my car, and had to try about 3 times before the engine finally started. Today, I again tried to start my car but had no luck at all. I changed out my alternator less than a year ago, and take VERY good care of the car.

One thing Im concerned about is some "Power Steering" fluid that I put in my car (cuz it guzzles it up like mad). Some guy at Shell recommended it for use, and the day after is when I have been having problems. Could this be related?

HELP SOMEONE!! THank you in Advance!!

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a leaking power steering pump will cause a loss of fluid. have that fixed if it is.

second a leaking pump will cause you to need a new alternator as it drips down onto it.

you say it doesn;t start but you don;t say f the engines turns over but doesn;t start or it doesn;t move at all or if there is only a click noise but no start.

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Perhaps you're battery life is below starting. How old is your battery? If it's old-- with corrosion and just nasty lookin, get a new one, clean the terminal with some battery cleaning solvant, and tighten down the bolts.

That should take care of the problem. If it doesn't, something else is wrong with your car.

As a rule of thumb you should run your car for at least 20minutes per day, so that the Alternator has a chance to charge your battery.

Good luck.

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