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Check Engine Vcs And Track Of Ligth Is On


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Hi to all I have this issue with the RX300 2002 85000 miles from time to time 3 light are on,the check engine ,track of and vcs ,the 3 light at the same time ,i take it to autozone and they scanned the car and the give the code #1135 AIR/FUEL RADIO sensor is damage ,I already reset the computer and when i reset it some time last like 3 days and in other days will last only a few minutes , can any of tell me if the problem is the sensor or it will be another thing ,i already check the vacuum line int he rear of the air filter and is well connected

thanks in advance :(

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Got it fixed! :D FYI even if you didn't get an oil chg it still might just be a loose hose that you have to reconnect and that will work. The nerve that some car services were saying i had to get new parts were lies! Always do the research b/c they will steal your money. Thank you user lbintab! User lbintab:

<<Sep 5 2006, 02:59 PM

did you have your oil changed lately? when they check the air filter the hose thats behind the air box sometimes gets disconnected. check it out. almost sure thats it.

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