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94 Es300 Climate Control Lcd Error


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My first post. 1994 ES300, 84K miles, my daughters car, I'm jealous. The Climate Control unit randomly displays following the tempature degrees a decimal point ".", followed by a backwards numeral "6", followed by an uppercase "D", all of the bars for the fan indicator light up, and every option for air distribution is lit up also. When this occurs, the operation continues as it was. Fan stays at what ever level you had it on, it still distributes the air where you had it selected. This problem can occur even when the climate control is off. I have checked error codes (auto-recirc) no codes listed. Other than this annoyance, the car is great. Thanks for any help.

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Tracking down electronic issues that are computerized can cost big bucks. The dealerships will just pull the old unit and install a new one, without opening it up for any kind of servicing. I suggest that you do the same, but do some homework at the wrecking yards in your state to find a replacement. Once the dash surround is removed, about four screws will allow removal of the old unit enough to disconnect wiring connectors and install a used unit. I won't even venture a guess as to what a used replacement will cost, but it should be your cheapest route. Disconnect the battery before you start any dash disassembly, as the slightest electrical short can spell doom to the unit. Good Luck, and let us know how you make out!

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