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New Lexus, New To Club! First Question On Xm

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I have an antenna on the back of my car on the roof, does that mean I can get XM radio? I bought a 07 IS350 Thursday and I am not sure if that option is included or not. I believe it says it is ready but how do I know for sure?

The car has the X package with navigation and seems to have every option except Mark Levingston and Adaptive Cruise Control.

If I can get XM, how do I get signed up. Thanks for your input in advance.

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Good point. If you bought the car new, then you would know as XM radio needs to be purchased separately. The dash is pre-equipped with an AM/SAT combo button, but it does not mean you have XM setup. It's actually a separate box that gets installed in the car. I have one but got it when I ordered the car. It was about a $300 - $400 option if I recall. Then, you get a few months free, then they start billing you. The satellite antenna is on the roof just as you stated, so the coverage is quite good compared with aftermarket units that you place on the dash or somewhere else.

TIS is the Toyota technical site that has repair manuals you can download. I believe it's $10 per 24 hour period, so you could get in there and download as much as you can within that window including the satellite install guide. Then, check with iron toad.com for pricing.

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The shark fin is just there. It's not attached to anything. In order to have XFM or Sirrius, you still need to purchase the digital reciever and have it installed. They can hook it up to the shark fin then.

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