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Someone Help! First Speeding Ticket !


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OK here is what happened...i pull off the highway to get some gas..once im done i go to pull out on the highway

and by pull out on the highway i mean PULL out on the highway with ECT in PWR mode just to stretch my baby's legs a big and do a nice easy 0-80mph pull...... :(

next thing i know i have those dreaded blue flashing lights in my miror so i pull over and go through the process of giving her my license and registration and blah blah blah...it was a state cop so there was no getting out of this one..she slapped me with a $100.00 ticket that said i was going 70-50 mph zone...

here is my defense..i think

the speed was listed as estimated using her own speedometer...and it is my first offense...and i deliver pizza for a living so i in no way would have a desire to tarnish my record...i wasnt racing anybody...and the punch line....!

*all i was trying to do was get up to the speed of traffic and i guess i went a little bit too hard * i pulled over right away and had no intentions of doing anything wrong...im a good kid and im sorry. :D

please give me tips on how to get out of this...i need it...my insurance needs it lol

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screw your defences, dont try to fight the ticket. after a few days call the court house and ask if there is an extra fee to get it deferred, if there is you just pay the fine and dont get another ticket for the probationary time. after that time it will be expunged from your record, and you will never have been convicted so it will not go on your record and your insurance will not be notified.

in Oklahoma i got caught by an air plane, yes let me reiterate, an AIR PLANE, doing 85 in a 70, my ticket was 222.50 and the fee to get it deferred was 50. so after 272.50 and a 3 month probationary period the charge was expunged and was never put on my record.

so the moral of the story is, do not try to fight the ticket, yes there is a chance the cop doesnt show up to Court, but more then likely they will. and the judge will not buy any of your excuses and in most cases if you take it to court they will not give you the deferred sentence.

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in my experience and through the dealings with friends it is never good to fight a speeding ticket. if they say no to the fee to get the deferment then ask the court clerk if you plead no contest what is the likely hood the judge will give you the deferred sentence.

also you are 18 correct? ask if they have a teen court program. my home town has teen court for people up to 19. i did this when i got a failure to drive in a single lane citation. to answer your question that i know your asking i was drifting, i had an 89 Nissan 240sx. i paid 20 in court fees and was assigned 18 hours community service with a probationary period of 3 months, upon completing this it was expunged.

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Other option is hire a lawyer for $40, who can all but gurantee a plea of "littering" or "illegal parking" where the fine is between $100 and $250.

Or, have substantial reasoning as to why the 'witness' isn't reliable . . .

-- when was the last time the radar unit was serviced? calibrated? records of such provided?

-- when was the last time the car was serviced? speedometer verified? oil changed? etc

-- ask questions that leave room for doubt; 'given that i was driving in an acceleration lane, isn't it obvious that my car would appear to be accelerating quicker-than-usual in order to adequately merge with oncoming traffic?' 'how do you judge the difference between "driving by the law" and "driving by the safety of all drivers on the road"?'

-- have the balls to stand your ground. many tickets are bull*BLEEP* and means to generate local tax revenue. be respectful of the law process and fight what isn't fair. now, if you were speeding, i suggest the lawyer route. if you think you have a good argument, and chances are there will be nothing provided (and get a subpeona) regarding records of radar calibration, and logging of calibration / repair. there are court cases cases in favour of these arguments to be cited, and if it interests you i can dig it up.

the most important thing, is dont speed or *BLEEP* around on the road. if they get you, you probably deserve it. some do it anyway, and part of the run is the exciting fear of getting caught.

sometimes its fun to be bad.

but be a big boy when the man steps down, or let your old lady drive.

everyone be safe.

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Some states allow you to go to traffic school and upon graduation they expunge the ticket so it doesnt count on your points count or insurance.

The idea behind this is they want you educated more than punished. If your state offers this, I would request it from the judge.

From a psychology standpoint, traffic court judges see an endless parade of people who didn't do anything wrong, never did anything wrong and are victims of "The Man". That garbage gets old after a while.

Appearing before the judge clean and wearing a tie, being apologetic and respectful, and saying yes ma'am/yes sir goes a long way toward getting better treatment.

You did something wrong, so act like it. If you do this and tell them what you told us then ask for traffic school (if your state allows it) so that you can "become a better driver and with all due respect, Judge, I don't EVER want to see you again (respectful chuckle)" I bet you can get more mileage out of the system.

I have seen people come in to court with no experience and try to pull that home-spun Perry Mason act and find themselves head to head with a legal expert who thinks you are trying to be a smart-!Removed!...not a place you want to be.

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With what Billy said, he's right, to be as respectful as possible.

My post was not to be a cowboy / smartass or anything or the sort, as again he is right, that they have seen / heard everything from all the 'innocent' out there.

Again though, the most important / hard part is to obey local traffic laws, and or never do anything that puts anyone else at risk of your driving

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