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These questions are hotly debated and are the subject of many threads. If you use the search feature, I am sure you will be overstimulated by all of the info there.

My personal recommendation: Look in your owner's manual and use the fluids that they recommend. The same engineers who designed and built your Luxury vehicle have given this much thought and made suggestions for you.

If your new Lexus doesn't have an owners manual, click the link in my sig and you can get one for free from Lexus.

Happy Reading!

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I would use a 5w-30 full synthetic of your choosing, and toyota brand atf-iv for your transmission or the amsoil universal atf fluid... assuming you have an auto transmission... check your owners manual for the spark plug recommendation but its the same engine as the GS300 so I believe its an iridium tipped plug...

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beleive it or not, the stock Denso Iridium's are the best plug I've found. I run a turbo system on a set of regaped Denso's with no troubles. And they hold up by far the longest.

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