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i have pre-owned es350=07. i've had it a year and the payoff is about the same as it's worth $20,000. was wondering if you think i could-in this market-get into an 09 as an even swap?? payments stay the same. i understand the lenght of payoff would increase. i just don't want to pay anything upfront other than tags/tax.

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I would stop by. It is the end of the month, they will be glad to see you. Act as disinterested as you possibly can...explain you were just driving by and were curious what the new ones look like. Be prepared to walk away. Not just prepared, but determined.

Look for what you would like to have instead, finally get a little bit excited about it and then tell the salesman it is basically a pipe dream...you really aren't in a position to upgrade right now, bla bla bla.

As you are getting ready to leave, salesguy will be pumping you for info on what they can do to get you in a new car TODAY.

Thats when you spring on them how they can sell you a car today: I would have to be able to trade straight across, nothing out of pocket, this payment, this many years, etc etc, whatever. They will tell you what they can do.

They will probably come back with you needing to put some money down or more payments than you wanted most likely.

Shrug your shoulders and say you can't do it, but thanks anyway. Head for the door. Good chance they will sharpen the old pencil and let you trade. If not, at least you know. No harm done. Be sure to hit the snack bar while you are there.

Good Luck! Let us know how it goes.

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