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Fuse Box Update! But Still Having Problems!


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So I had an issue with my fuse box being loose causing the cd player, a/c and brake lights to not work. Got my hands dirty, tightened a few bolts, yelled a few obscenities and voila! Got some progress!! YAY!!

Turns out the bolt that actually holds the fuse box in place needed tightened and now the c/d player and a/c work but still no tail lights. :(

Ive checked the wire harness in the trunk, checked the fuses, and also checked the bulbs. Everything looks pretty good. I'm pretty sure it still has something to do with the fuse box. (I believe this b/c, at one point, I could apply pressure to the fuse box with my foot and my tail lights would work!) Maybe a loose wire in the rear of the fuse box but im no mechanic. Does anyone have any info on removing the fuse box panel or has anyone ever had to? Im just looking for a little advice on how to properly remove it and maybe some signs that might help me solve the problem that i am having.

Ive only got a few days left to resolve this issue b/c my wife is gonna pop and i dont wanna get rear ended going to the hospital!!

Thank you for your help in advance!!

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