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Edmunds Inside Line Drives The 450h

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Interesting review. But the 450h sure is chubby.


A 2" wider track and 19" wheels have got to improve the handling over the 400h.

That could draw me in. The 400h weakest link is the handling.

But I don't see a roof rack. I would have no where to mount my cargo box.

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Still, the 2010 Lexus RX 450h is not at home on Highway 29. Its excessive weight is apparent when changing direction, and although it has the same double-wishbone rear suspension as the 2010 RX 350, it feels less agile. You can get a sport suspension with revised dampers, bushings and EPS, along with 19-inch wheels and P235/55R19 101V tires, but the benefits are slight.
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The increase in power is eaten up by the added weight, 4800 lbs for the AWD!

If 2" of added wheelbase width carries all the way through to the side mirrors, it would barely fit in my garages, it's pretty tight now.

Bottom line on the review is that's it's a little better than our 400h's, not by much.

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