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Leather Seat Styles


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I was checking out www.leatherseats.com and was quite impressed with the selection and of course pricing, which is far more reasonable than genuine. Due to cost (at dealership) I was only interested in replacing the rear lower seat, due to a tear. For a few bucks more www.leatherseats.com has complete kits to do the whole interior. With that in mind I can change the whole style if I choose, which leads to the dilemma. Flat, perforated, and many other "style" changes. My preference is perforated, however, I'm not sure of the maintenance issues associated with all the different styles.

I would like feedback from people who actually own or have had their vehicle changed to a style not OEM. What did you like, what didn't you like, care issues, etc. Comparisons to different seats, like Riccaro, etc. are not what I'm interested in, just changing the covers on my current seats.

At the moment I'm eagerly waiting to get my car back from the dealership, had an injector go south. I so look forward to her running properly again. I inherited my ES300 from my father and every time I drive it I totally relate to why he so loved this vehicle.

Thanks and take care


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