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1992 Sc400 Climate Control Unit


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This "pinned" thread at the top of the 92-00 SC forum has information that could help: http://us.lexusownersclub.com/forums/index...8&hl=Mikado

These forums have a wealth of information that can often be found by reading the pinned items at the top of individual forums or by doing an advanced search.

Good luck with your repair.

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The driver's side light on the climate control unit no longer works. Lexus wants $850 to replace the unit. Can the Unit be repaired and if so, where do I start to find a place to do the work.


The lamps can be replaced. Assuming the climate control unit is working OK otherwise, and that you are a DIY'er, I'd advise that you look for info on the specific type of bulb (lamp) you need and do it yourself. Depending on model, these bulbs may be soldered in but some are in a miniature twist out socket. I used to have the actual lamp number but have misplaced it. You can probably find this info by contacting Sammy Wu of Mikado Technology in California - they do repairs on the climate control unit for dealers and are very helpful. Contact Sammy Wu via email at sammywu@sbcglobal.net, and ask how best to deal with the issue. He may have a kit for you, or you can probably find the lamp bulbs on eBay. In case you need it, the address is Mikado Technology, 8840 Forest Street, Gilroy, CA 95020. You can get a phone number via Switchboard online. Good luck.

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