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Ashamed Of Trans. Whine


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I didnt join this club till just a few days ago when my wifes 01 RX 300 trans. fried. Now i have read through hundreds of threads and such here and i feel fortunate that i even got 150,000 miles out of this trans. I bought it for her with 80,000 miles on it and had the trans. flushed to start fresh. So I guess im lucky that she put 70,000 miles on it after all ive read now on these particular transmissions. This is going to be one expensive fix, but im gonna bite the bullet, fix it, sell it,and go with something else, and put the whine on hold. I think the problem with these particular transmissions may be one of pressure or clutch material, because they contaminate very quickly. As someone mentioned, it may even be poor cooling, but there definitely seems to be a problem with these particular years(99-02). Im tempted to scatter it all over the garage floor and do an autoposy, and not even sew it back up,,,hee hee

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Unfortunately there are a lot of newer vehicles that have this weakness. Seems I have seen failures in all brands of cars when the mileage approaches 150k....I hope you took it to an independent shop, yu will save at least $1000 over the chain and dealerships....try to get references from folks you know of a good Tranny shop, not AMMoco etc.....

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