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4000 Rpm Limiter?!

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I saw an old post that was on topic, but was never answered. I have a 94 ES300 with 100,000 miles that has an issue with the rev limiter. When the engine is cold it will rev all the way to redline (I don't do this on normal driving, but figured it out while troubleshooting).

As the car warms up, the rev limit slowly goes down until the car is at operating temperature when the rev limit is just below 4000 RPMs.

The car does this in Park, Neutral and all forward gears. If you punch it on the highway, it will immediately hit the limiter, so it has become a safety issue of not having passing power. I also don't have any CELs, so I can't check anything via that method.

The only thing I've done to it recenly is change out the thermostat with an aftermarket one from Advance Auto Parts and I put in some of Prestone's green coolant that claims it can be added to any color coolant. Otherwise, I haven't done anything else.

If anyone has any ideas, I would love to get this thing figured out.

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