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Need Help Pls


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What model is it?

haha :D

I figured at 250,000 miles it really wouldn't matter which model!

I have always held the philosophy that any car that runs and has good air conditioning is worth $2000...


To me it would. The only Lexus I'd consider buying with 250k miles is a LS400 since the majority of them last 300k-500k without major issues. I had a '95 LS that I sold at 315k miles last summer (for more than $2k :P ), and it ran and drove like a new car--which is a vastly different experience than I had with my ES300 (...from hell).
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oops, I need to change that to read "Any car that runs and has good A/C is worth at least $2k"!

I take it that you would not pony up 2 or 3k for 250k mile ES300? It sounds like you seriously doubt the existence of such a beast! :D

You are right, the early LS's have a rep as being pretty bullet-proof. If OP can get an LS for $2500 I think he would be in pretty good shape "for schooling".

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