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02 Sc430 Key


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I just recently purchased a 02 SC430 and I love it. However, I only got one key with the purchase from a private dealer. My local Lexus dealership is very expensive and I am searching for a cheaper option. My 04 RX330 was purchased new and I got 3 keys (valet, 2 traditional keys) and a emergency key. After searching Ebay I found a seller who offered a "flip" style key, but I am wondering if this will work with the all the features....



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I was in the same boat with just one key. I searched for a replacement on eBay but the difference of buying one there, finding someone to program and cut the key and having it done in one stop at my Lexus dealer did not justify the difference in price ($25). BTW, don't lose the one key you have; I had planned to just have a "dumb" key cut as a backup but the dealer said if I lose the master key the only option would be to replace the computer in the car to accept a new key. I took my car in, dealer used my master key to set the car to "teach" mode which then programmed my new smart key. For me, easier and not that much more expensive.

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Hi All... as a newbie to a 2003 SC430, I too did not receive all the keys. After buying a wallet key, I then had the challenge to program it. I read all I could find on the forums and found some good ideas... tried and tried, but couldn't succeed. Then I noticed a lock smith had posted instructions on a website and they were short and easy to follow. The instructions were similar to what others had posted, but I still couldn't get them to work. So I attempted different variations; still no success. Well, finally it worked. Here's the formula I used... I learned the most important incredient is doing the steps efficiently and rapidly in order. Yep, as others had warned, timing can be crucial.

LEXUS SC430 2002-10*

Programming the transponder in a replacement master/valet/wallet key.

• First use a programmed master/valet key to start the car; then turn it off.

• At the same time, locate the immobilizer light and notice that it normally is flashing slowly before a key is inserted into the ignition and, if the key inserted is programmed to the car, when the key is inserted, the flashing stops. That is, if the flashing/blinking stops, the key involved is properly programmed. Usually a car comes with two master (aka “black”) keys and one valet (aka “gray”) key—plus an emergency “wallet key” that resembles a key blank (no remote buttons) and is carried in a credit card sized, plastic holder that one can store in a wallet/purse (handy if a car key cannot be found or the car key cannot be reached because it is locked in the trunk or someplace else inside the locked car).

• Next, close all doors & remove the master/valet key from the ignition switch.

• Then within “35 seconds” (as rapidly as you can) complete the following five steps:

1. Insert a programmed master/valet key into the ignition switch.

2. Switch ignition ON and OFF 5 times (rapidly);

3. OPEN & CLOSE the driver’s door 6 times (open just an inch to complete rapidly)

4. Quickly remove the programmed master/valet key from ignition switch;

5. Quickly insert the replacement master/valet key to be programmed into ignition switch WALLET KEY—if the key to be programmed is the emergency “wallet key”, then insert the actual wallet key blank into the ignition and also place the plastic wallet key holder very close to the ignition switch. Place or hold the holder with the arrow end as close to the ignition switch as feasible. One way is to simply hang the holder with the arrow end up over the wallet key blank that is inserted in the ignition. But just holding it as described works too. The arrow on one end of the holder indicates the end of the holder that contains the transponder to be programmed—hence, it must be close to the ignition switch so that the ignition switch computer can communicate with the transponder and program it.

• WAIT for approximately a minute—time it or count “one Mississippi” etc. Can also just count the immobilizer flashes that are about a second apart. If the programming is successful, somewhere within this waiting period, the immobilizer warning lamp will stop flashing! If it keeps flashing after waiting a little longer, the programming has failed, this time. So repeat all the above steps, starting with turning the engine on and off. If you end up repeating this procedure faithfully 4-5+ times without succeeding, the chances by that time are that you will have all the steps memorized and you can very quickly complete all the steps up the WAIT point. Aim to complete the steps in less than 20 seconds—just do them as fast as you can. Many comments on the internet explain that “timing” is definitely an issue. Anyway, after repeating the above procedure many, many times (sometimes with the inserted key turned to the “ON” position, sometimes to the “ACC” position, sometimes not turned at all), I finally succeeded. I do not think the various key turned “on” or left “off” variations makes a difference. Success was when the immobilizer warning light stopped flashing and by turning the newly programmed key to START, the engine fired up. For me, having the steps memorized (after many unsuccessful tries) was the crucial thing that allowed me to complete the steps rapidly, not pausing to read, not loosing track of the count, etc. With all the steps memorized, I do not think it took me 10 seconds to get to the WAIT part. Good Luck.

*NOTE: a maximum of 5 black keys and 3 gray keys can be programmed. However, if the vehicle is a 2005 model, the immobilizer system can only be programmed using special diagnostic equipment

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