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Car Has No Power


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I was driving down the highway a few nights ago and my '91 LS 400 hesitated a bit then lost a ton of power. used to do 100 and would feel like was going 65. Now will do 85 if flat but no power, no pickup, no speed. The grommet that holds the pcv valve in the top of the crankcase (I think) was blown out, obviously some pressure build up. The engine is not running hot per say, not leaking any fluids. But the underside of the car is extremely hot, coming from the pipes of the exhaust systems - they come together at a joint or manifold then run down the middle of the car, then split into the 2 exhaust pipes that come out on the left and right side behind the car. Emitting lots and lots of heat. The exhaust isn't steady or uninterrupted, kind of sputtering or choppy. This thing is getting hot. I had groceries in the trunk, when i got home and took em out they were warm. the carpet in the trunk was warm so i lifted up the carpet and the cardboard cover over the spare tire well in the trunk. all the metal of the frame was hot. I have changed the spark plugs and added some fuel injector cleaner. It has been very warm here in texas so i have been driving with the windows down. I could smell the heat coming from the botoom of the car. Like when u leave a cast iron skillet on the stove with no oil and forget about it. after a while you can smell the heat - even from another room. no smoke, because no oil, but you just smell hot-!Removed! metal. that's how i can best describe it. i hope some body can point me in the right direction. Thanks!

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sounds like a bad coil check the driver side coil as this one seems to go out first. When one goes out the engine runs on 4 cyls. and wil run hot.

can u tell me where the coil is found? i know they used to be under the distributor, but i don't think this car has one. thanks!

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