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1995 Lexus Ls 400


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Hello All,

I could use a little more help. I have a 1995 Lexus LS400 with 180,000 miles. Car sat out in -17F degree weather overnight. Next morning no start. Here's the situation:

1. Battery is fully charged and only two years old.

2. Engine turns over but will not start.

3. Pulled #1 spark plug, grounded on block, and got spark.

4. Sprayed starter fluid into #1 cylinder, put plug back, small kick, but no start.

5. Opened gas cap, turned ignition to on, but heard no fuel pump.

6. Checked and replaced both fuses related to fuel system, still no fuel pump sound.

Am I missing anything or is it time for a new fuel pump? Any idea on cost of fuel pump replacement for this Lexus? Thanks so much for your help.


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You might now check for fuel pressure at the fuel rail. If none, you could check the voltage at the pump itself.

If no voltage you may need to check some relays or module. But if the system is calling for the pump to be on and no

pressure, then the pump is bad. You can also measure the pump resistance. I think it is supposed to be < 3 ohms.

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