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? About Removing Alternator On '99 Ls400

AZ Mike

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Attempting to change timing belt on '99 LS400, and have to get alternator off of the stud in order to remove drive belt tension bracket, the tab of which is on the same stud as the alternator, but behind it. The problem I am having is that I can not figure out a way to get the alternator off of the stud without either removing the power steering pulley or the pump itself.

So of course, I can get the nut off of the front of the power steering pulley. Only problem is, that the pulley will not slide off. Corrosion adhesion perhaps? Can't think of a good method I haven't tried to get the pulley loose without damaging it. I am stumped on the pulley for the time being. Now, on to the pump itself.....one nut, one bolt....should be easy. Except that the nut is behind the pulley and there is not enough room for a socket in there, and I can barely fit in a box end wrench, with which I have had zero luck loosening the nut.

For anyone who has removed the alternator on the '98-'00 LS400 and has any suggestions, I am all ears.

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Mike, I have not done this myself...yet. From what I can see in repair procedures, the PS pump needs to come off first.

Here is a factory removal procedure for a 2000. They call the alternator a "generator".

Sorry I cant be of more help, ie:actual experience,. ;)


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Like I suspected, I was able to remove the alternator by removing the pulley only from the power steering pump. However, after nearly 10 years, the pulley was seized on to the pump shaft/teeth pretty good. A couple of days of intermittent sprays with PB Blaster and tapping with a rubber mallet finally freed it up. I definitely see some places where I will apply some anti-seize when I put it back together!

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