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Power Window Motor Grinding....need Advice


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95LS 400. The drivers side front window is making a fairly ugly grinding-type noise when I lower the window. However, when I roll it back up, it is perfectly smooth and noise free.

When lowering there are no perfomance issues and it goes down as it should, just a pretty bad noise happening.

Any insight would be appreciated. I have to imagine that Im looking at replacing the motor, which isnt going to be cheap. Thanks.

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This happens to us BMW guys a lot. We start to cringe when it does because it means the window regulator is starting to go. The grinding is the plastic in ours starting to crack. I know my passenger side window was doing it but I don't want to replace it right now so I never open it!

I just checked the place I'll have to eventaully buy from and they do not offer anything for the LS. Just the ES and the 1993 GS. http://www.regulatorusa.com/

I know my BMW guys have bought from him before without any problems. I think you get a credit for your old one when you take it out and mail it to him. Then he fixes it and resells it. Not a bad thing he has going.

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