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1995 Ls 400 Starter Problem


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Hello All,

Had a very cold night here last night (-17F) Could not start my 95 LS 400 in the morning. Car has 180,000 miles but is well maintained. Put car in nuetral and pushed it into a warm garage. Put a battery charger on it and tried to start it in about an hour. Heard a whirlling noise but the engine did not turn over, and the key did not come out of the ignition. Found that I had left shift lever in nuetral. Moved lever to park and key came out. Tried to start car and heard same whirling noise. Hate to just assume its a bad starter. Any ideas? Thanks so much.


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First I would make sure your batt is fully charged. Be carefull charging it in extreme cold. Set the charger on a trickle charge rate, say about 2A. Let it charge overnight, but make sure it has an auto cutoff when a full charge has been reached, otherwise you'll overcharge the batt. Try starting it in the morning.

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