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Wanted: I Want To Buy A Lexus Ls400


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Right now I have a BMW 5 series, but I want a Lexus LS400. I am looking between the years 95-98, from what I've read, as far as the LS is concerned those are really the best years for this car. Is that true? I want a car for between $4-6,000 or if anyone wanted or had interest in the BMW I would surely accept a trade along with the appropriate cash on my part. I want the LS to have under 140,000 miles on it as well. And no grey or ivory interior please, only black or tan. Please PM me if you or you know someone that has one like this. You can email me to, goyshahomer@gmail.com

I live in the New York area, so I am pretty much only willing to drive to see the car in the Tri-State area.

Thanks a lot.

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Stay away from 95 and maybe 96.

If I remember correctly there was some problems with the ECU. They were recalled I think, but there's always a chance of one that got through,

I have a 97 and I LOVE it!

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The ECU defect is hardly a good reason to stay away from the 95 and 96 LS! If there are problems with the ECU, you'll know when you drive the car.

For $4-6000 those will likely be the only years you will be able to afford and get an LS that is still in good condition.

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