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Alternator Install Problem


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Issue A:

My 1995 LS400 would not start about a month ago so I jumped it and it drove for a minute or two and then it died again. I replaced my battery and drove around on it for about a week and then the same thing happened again. There were warning signs both times that I did not heed; such as jumpy rpms when engaging brakes/brake lights and cd player fading in and out. I took the car to my mechanic and he told me about the power steering leak-alternator issue. I asked him if he could shield a new alternator instead of replacing both as my powersteering never needs refilling so the leak must not be that bad. He denied this request although I have browsed the forum and a few people have mentioned this. Does anyone have any images or instructions on how they achieved this alternator cover?

Issue B:

After installing a new alternator myself, and fully charging my "week old" battery, my car ran fine for 2 days and then slowly lost power, shuttered with brake lights, and died again. Something must be wrong with the alternator install. I think it could be one of two issues:

1. The old plug from the battery to the alternator was crushed when trying to remove it from the old alternator; therefore I had to go to a salvage yard and pick one up. There was one from an old toyota that seemed to fit so I used some butt connectors to connect this to my existing wires from the battery and plugged the salvaged plug into the new alternator. Does this sound like it could be an issue?

2. The new aftermarket alternator that I purchased had an assembly on the threaded bolt as follows from alternator out (see reference sketch below)..

a. bolt

b. washer

c. bolt


Because the existing eyelet connector to the ground has two legs on it, do you leave a. bolt (from above) between the eyelet and the alternator to make up the distance of the legs or does the eyelet have to touch the alternator. If it has to touch the alternator directly (which I assumed) what do you make of the two legs on the eyelet. If the eyelet legs point toward the alternator you have to flattern them to make a good connection. If the eyelet legs point away then you can't tighten the bolt because the legs are in the way. I actually left out a.bolt and tightened down c.bolt until the eyelet legs separated enough for the eyelet to touch the altenernator all but flattening the eyelet legs (i.e. imagine the sketch above without a.bolt). Does anyone have a suggestion on the best way to make this connection?

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I am not sure, but someone will chime in. I have seen this before, but cannot remember where. I would not mind knowing either so I can place one on my LS.

Check the trunk hinge wiring, notorious for causing intermitent electrical issues & other wierd things, drivers side wiring, pull plastic trim from hinge cut tape and inspect all wires, if any are broken or starting to break repair them. All kinds of info on this forum in this regard. Seems to me if it is the alternator then the issues would occur all the time.

Hope this helps!

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