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Brake Stop Switch


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I have a 93 es300, i live in the burbs of chicago and its -20F right now! When its cold outside after i start my car and let it get warm, i'll press my brakes and my stop lights dont light up and i cant shift out of park "without puting a key in the shifter release hole". After awhile of driving, the switch will finally start working again and i can shift out of park. Untill tonight i didnt notice that my stop lights werent lighting up, so i thought to myself, thats why it wont shift out of park too, becuase the stop switch on the brake pedal must be getting stuck! This is dangerous becuase people behind me wont know that im stopping. Anyone have this problem when its cold out? or know where the switch is? thanks!

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Look towards the top of the brake pedal arm. I just went out to the garage and looked and I can see the brake light switches on both our 98 Camry and 00 LS400. If fact, the switches on our two cars look the same but it's hard to tell. The switch on our LS400 is difficult to see without removing the under dash trim panel. If you can't see it on your ES and it has a trim panel under the dash, you may have to remove the panel to access the brake switch.

I think I had two brake light switches fail on my first LS over about 13 years. We haven't had a brake light switch fail (yet!) on either our 98 Camry or 00 LS.

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