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2002 Es Windshiel Wiper Problem


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Noticed lately that my windshield wipers do not return all the way back to the "home" position when the shut off. They end low but not under the hood...any suggestions or ideas???


Can you take a picture of what you are trying to describe?

Our wipers have a 'summer' & 'winter' mode (I think that is explained in the owners manual). Your might be in the 'winter' mode if they are resting slightly up from the hood line. You simply push down on the passenger side wiper (sliding it down the angle of the windshield) to rest them below the hood line.


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Ok, I tried with a little more force and sure enough, down it went....no snow here in Phoenix :) so have no idea how it got up there, but sure do appreciate the help getting it back in line!!!!


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Here is a picture....when you say push them down, I tried with engine, wipers off and met resistance...should I do this with the engine on?? wipers on ???

Thanks for the help!!!

that's winter mode. It is also the position they need to be in to replace them.

(by the way, this is covered in the owners manual :whistles: )


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