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Noise From Front Of Engine When Cold

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I don't know how exactly to explain the noise I get but a quick crackling

sound from the front of the engine only when it is cold . it is not ticking

from inside the engine(valves) I am wondering if it is not the tensioner/

idler pulley or pulleys. It goes away after a couple of min.

The timing belt was supposedly replaced at 90,000 it now has 126000

I am not sure if the pulleys or water pump were replaced or not when that work was done

because it wasn't done at a dealer because I checked(they say you can

call any lexus dealer and they can tell what work was done on your car if

a lexus dealer did it) there was no record of timing belt change but there is a sticker

on the front of the engine that says the it was done at 90240 mi.

What could it be seeing that it goes away after a few min. of warm up

(and no leaking from water pump) My car is a 94 LS

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Not sure about your problem. Is it close to the fan area? My car does not do this, but my car does have a faint, occasional (about 1 pop per 4 seconds) "popping" sound from under the hood from the moment I start it- for about 30 seconds. Does your car do this? I have no clue as to what it is.

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