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Brake Question. Posting Here And Sc Board

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I posted this over on the SC board but have not heard anything back yet so I thought I'd give over here a shot since it is about those dang shims!

--Aunt asked me about brakes on her 1992 SC300 and I said I could do them this weekend when I was changing the brakes on my other aunts Honda.

With the lead in time I figure I'd get them from Advance Auto/Auto Zone but when I called to get prices (Advance Auto so far) they had them pretty cheap but they don't come with shims.

What do you guys recommend then? I know I needed them on the LS but I got them off the internet and got better pads. Advance has Golds? and "the best" were his Wagners he said. I believe both were ceramic. Do I need to get a shim set from the dealer? Car has close to 100k so I am assuming the rears are ok since Lexus don't go through those all that quick. Not sure on the rotors though. I wonder ifI should look into that as well and maybe hold off until I can do pads and rotors at the same time with the mileage being so high and lack of any god idea on service history.--


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