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Check Engine Light Disabled?

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I just bought a 2001 RX 300 from a small dealer in Texas. The vehicle has 34k miles and drives like a dream. The dealer told me that the vehicle had been in a wreck and had to have the left fender and front bumper cover replaced. I brought it home to NC and took it to my nearest State Inspection Station for the obligatory annual inspection. The service person said that the car failed the inspection. I then went to Lexus and they had a record in the computer that the Check Engive Light was disabled and the radiator temperature sensor was disabled. The service writer also thought that the radiator looked like it was the wrong size (?). I should have known what I was getting in to with a car that had been in an accident but without running a computer diagnostic check you would never ever know that this stuff doesnt work. NOW, my brand new to me car is at the Lexus dealership with them trying to diagnose the problem with the check engine light so I can pass my inspection. CAN ANYONE OFFER ANY HELP or SUGGESTIONS?, PLLLLEEEEAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEE? I got a really good deal on the car so I am not afraid to sink some money in to it but I am afraid of how much I will need to sink...maybe I should abandon ship?? HELP!! Thanks.

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I am not sure about the Lexus dealers you go to but the one where I live is very uncooperative. I absolutely do not know what to do...


Come to find out the check engine dash light bulb has been removed (don't know for sure why). I believe this is because the previous owner put an aftermarket air intake on the car and it did not have a sensor. When I hooked it up to the OBDII scanner it gave me a code of P1135 something to do with the air intake. The Lexus dealer is telling me that if I have the bulb replaced that it may stay lit and cost me 1,000s to fix because it will reveal other hidden problems. Is this true? If a bulb is out how can that effect the rest of the diagnostic system?


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