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I was at Ikea the other day and purchased a long item which I had planned to run out the back of the trunk. I was going to bungee the trunk to hold it down when I realised there was no hole to hook the bungee too! Am I losing my mind or is there no way to tie down the trunk except to go around the whole trunk lid on the outside with rope?

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VictorVictor, every time I see your member name, I'm going to think of the movie Airplane:

Roger Murdock: We have clearance Clarence.

Captain Oveur: Roger, Roger. What's our vector Victor?

Tower voice: Tower's radio clearance, over.

Captain Oveur: That's Clarence Oveur. Over.

Tower voice: Roger.

Roger Murdock: Huh?

Tower voice: Roger, over.

Roger Murdock: Huh?

Captain Oveur: Huh?

Could the the designers of the RX been trying to prevent exhaust fumes from being sucked into the passenger compartment by making it difficult to drive with the hatch partially open? Could you use duct tape? I'm not kidding. It would probably be easy to use tar remover to remove any residue left by duct tape.

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