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2005 Ls 430 Height Function

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I have just bought a 2005 LS430 with the Ultra Luxury package. It's a great car but I am trying to understand the Height adjust feature. I am not sure if its working properly or not. When I actuate the switch on the control console the indicator on the guage cluster shows up but I dont see the car lift or lower at all.

Also, when I put the car in the Sport mode, I dont notice any difference in the ride. I took it to my local Lexus dealer and they said it was working OK (under warranty) but I still can't see that it is moving at all.

Can anybody please tell me what I should expect from this feature. How far should it raise and lower?


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I have the 2004 LS430 with the Ultra package too. When I press "Height Hi", the car slowly rises. It take about 3 to 5 minutes to go up about 2.5 inches.

You can see the height change from right above the tire to the body itself.

The easiest way to "feel" the different is to change the height while the car is in park, dangle your left foot outside the car and touching the ground before you start. You should feel the car slowly rise.

As for sport suspension, you can notice the difference when going over dips. The change is not that dramatic, but if you drive the car enough in either mode over familiar roads (and bumps) you should notice the difference. You can also try it where there are speed bumps.

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