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Phone Install Advice Needed; Using A "dashlead".

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I am trying to figure where to install all the components of my Nokia CARK-91 phone kit in the 2000 LS. The kit has a corded "privacy handset" that fit perfectly inside the console of my 90 LS. This handset is two long to fit in the smaller lower compartment of the 2000 LS console. It looks like the hinged shallow upper console tray was made for a handset like this. I don't yet have the two volume set of shop manuals for the 2000 so does anyone know if the tray insert in the upper shallow console tray can be pryed and popped out like in the large single console box insert in the older LS?

I am hoping to run the handset's thin cable out the back of the shallow upper console tray and attach it with a couple of small black cable ties to one of the tray hinges. I hope the upper console tray will open and close without binding on the cable.

The handset cable would be routed forward under the center console to the phone kit's cable junction box which I hope to again place under the dash or under the wood console panel near the gear selector.

The holder for the actual phone would be mounted on a standard Nokia bracket just to the right of the radio - same as in the 90 LS.

Has anyone else done anything like this and/or know (photos?) where the factory phone handsets were installed in 98-00 LS cars? Did the 95-97 LS also have the dual console trays? Having had very bad luck with phone installers (damaged upholstery and wood), I would rather do the installation myself.

Has anyone used the "dashlead" wire harnesses available in the U.K. at and Australia at to mute the LS audio system and play the phone call through the LS front speakers?

And finally, my understanding is that a phone antenna is built into the rear window and that the antenna cable connection is somewhere in the trunk. If so, does anyone discovered exactly where it is?

I wish I could just throw the phone and car kit away and buy a new one and a Bluetooth car kit but that isn't practical since we have a lot invested in having the same phone car kit model in muliple vehicles.

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