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Es250 Electrical Drain - Schematics?

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I have a 1991 ES250 where the battery drains when parked overnight, - we changed the battery - not a remedy. We have located the faulty circuit fed by a 20A fuse (radio/CD, dome light, interior lights, automatic doorlocks, antenna(? ... which has disconnected anyway), and are not sure what else.

We are looking for a schematics and troubleshooting tips and have somebody with a bit of electrical expertise. We have also looked at the wiring diagrams for the 1990-1992 Toyota Camry in a Chilton's manual, but none seem to match.

Any other ideas? What might be the most likely defective item? It is not a full blown short circuit, just a few amps (big kick on a 1A ammeter).

All help/input greatly appreciated.



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