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Rear Struts

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99 es 300. had rear struts replaced 2 yrs ago @ 63 K. Thought it was odd, but ok. got some suspension travel noise lately and took it in today: struts shot?? noticed the boots were gone before I took it in, but "shot"?

dealership noted that neither boots nor mounts were replaced when the struts were done. sounds a bit odd. anyway, called lexus corp. and spoke with their 'good will' department and it sounds like i will pay for boots, mounts, and labor

($600). what's up? any other accounts such as this? are there any good/performance after market struts available for the es?

great site! thanks

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I replace my '97 front and rear@130,000 with KYB three years ago .

Strut was~$80 + mount was ~$60 + Labor.

Still works great chk

Hope that helps.

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