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Radar Detector

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I have a 2002 SC430, which I love. I know a guy who also has one, but he has a radar detector built into the rearview mirror. The guy who did it for him is no longer in business. Has anyone else ever seen these, and has any information on how I can get the same thing?


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No, I stopped using radar/laser detectors five years ago. It sounds like something Bell Tronics makes, but I found this off Google

Radar Detector

I would encourage the Valentine 1 because it's rated number one by consumer reports and a lot of my friends.

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Hmmm......I did a bit of research and found to be a good resource.

They highly recommend the Passport 8500 over the Valentine 1 so I bought the Escort.

Two words: :censored: Amazing!

My two favorite features(besides the fact that it can see cops 2-3 miles before I do):

1) Electrical System Voltage display (real-time of course)

2) Display of the frequency at which the signal is detected

This second feature is absolutely awesome because cops know that people have radar detectors, so they'll park in a Safeway parking lot with a radar and use the same band at a different frequency.

I just memorize the frequencies at which the Safeway and other stores by which I constantly drive operate, and if there is a change, I know somehting's up.

I can go on and on and on.....but I won't.

If you disagree with me, please do tell me why......but I say the Passport 8500 is the BEST radar detector on the market!

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Thanks, everyone. Yes, actually, I do own the Passport 8500 and I agree that it's a great detector. And, I've looked at the "clip-over-the rearview" option, but I just don't care for it (thanks, anyway!).

What I was really hoping to find was an option (as I've said, I've seen it) where the detector is installed as an integral part of the existing rearview mirror. That way, it's mounted as high in the car as practical and is invisible to others. It also had some nice features, similar to the Passport. But, I've not been able to track it down!

If I come across it, I'll post a message.

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I can't really say anything either way. I have no experience with the 8500 deally. I do know that I've had horrible experiences with cheaper detectors. K40 is stealth install and works for me. V1 is good, aparently, the 8500 has some good reviews as well.

If you want this stealth type install, it involves the disassembly of the radar unit, locating the sensing equipment in the correct location, and then locating the display equipment in the location of your choice. Lots of custom fabbing, the k40 comes to you in a package that allows for this easily. The others are self contained units. anything is possible, but if you don't have the know how, then it will cost a lot for talented labor. That said, any specialty audio/electronics shop should be able to fab up what it is that you desire. I know k40 and valentine both offer these "stealth" style radar detectors.

Best of luck. Let us know what you find - or if anyone has any more info - post away.

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