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Oxygen Sensor P0135 Engine Code, What Part Number?

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Hi folks,

Anyone know what the part number is for a defective sensor located at bank 1 sensor 1 (near the manifold/exhaust on the driver's side)? I'm seeing a P0135 error code on the testing device.

The Lexus parts department won't tell me what part number it is because they claim their database might be incorrect. It's 10 digits and starts with a 89___ -_____.

Also, they discourage using WD40 to remove the sensor as they claim it could cause the new O2 sensor to fail WD40 gets on it.

Lexus has not been helpful :angry: . They are asking $220 to just identify the code error and another $600 to replace the sensor. So, I've decided to take care of it myself.



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