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Need Help 99 Es300 Check Engine Issues

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Allllright fellas I posted this on Club Lexus and didn't really get any help... here's the rundown

1999 ES 300 265k on the clock

Got a check engine / trac off light about a month ago

first things I did:

-changed spark plugs

-replaced fuel filter

-changed air filter

-ran a bottle of sea foam thru a full tank of premium fuel

still not fix...

-scanned the car pulled a P1130 code

-replaced ALL THREE 02 sensors....

car ran fine for about 2 weeks (still had check engine light)

now the car runs like total a$$! VERY rough idle and periodically bucks and shudders while driving

I was thinking it may be a vacuum leak or something but if I disconnect the battery for about 15 min or so then drive the car (check engine light goes off) it runs perfect for about 15 min then the light comes back on and it goes right back to running like dung....

ANY help is GREATLY appreciated! I'm at my whits end with this car!

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