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I have a 1995 SC300 with a 1jz-gte engine and tranny, FMIC, 255lph fuel pump, ssqv and a single 3 inch straight pipe.

my only real issue with the car is the transmission, recently it has been lurching pretty bad when shifting from 1st to second. my OD light randomly flashes at me regardless of whether the overdrive button is pushed in or not, and sometimes the car will put itself into limp mode... the engine itself is in perfect order, it idles fine and has brand new spark plugs.

ive heard that the 1JZ (soarer) auto tranny is pretty solid up to about 450whp, and my car right now is just shy of 400whp.

any ideas what it could be? i hope this is a simple electrical problem, but the aamco 'specialists' couldnt even get my ECU to throw any codes.

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hello im new here.

just got a 92 sc300 194k for 3100.00

so far no major problems. my AC doesnt work but i checked the charge and its extremely low. as far as i know i have been told if there isnt enough charge the compressor wont kick on. my driver door is in need of bump work but its ok because im a body tech:) both driver and pass door trim panels are a little rough tho. my main thing is the climate control is 1/2 blacked and spotted and the guage needles (tach temp) dont light up. i see that is a common problem with the SC. my 2J runs great with no smoke or sputters. just need to replace the mounts to get rid of the vibration at idle in park.

i also have a 91 nissan 240sx full built drift car. the lex is my daily driver.

planing on 10K hids tanabe 1.5 inch lowering springs, exhaust, AT cooler, intake, tune, 18x9 sport max 502 gunmetal polished lip. keep it simple and clean. its pear;l white buy has nasty gold package. im going to smoke my taillights and emblems black.

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Hello all. I got a 92 SC400 and Im the second owner of this vehicle. I bought the car about a year ago i cant remember the exact date and I bought it in New Jersey. Heres my problem, in december i got into a accident and I messed up the entire front end. VERY long story cut short, I sent it into a shop for them to repair and I got it back actually about last week. The one thing i now noticed is that my power steering is very weak and sometimes the car will randomly die. i know the power steering pump is one of the usual problems and is right on top of the alternator which might be causing my car to die. My question is do you guys think im probably on the right track to fixing this problem?

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92 SC400 ,

I am the second owner

I bought my car for 7500 from Los Angeles, CA

I have had my SC since September, 07 and have done about 4,000 in repairs and upgrades. Timing Belt/Water Pump: 800. Tranny flush and seals replaced: 300. Major Tune-Up: 600. Power Stearing Pump and installation, dont remember how much, but it was up there.

I had it fixed at my mechanic, Master Tech here in WA.

I am never done with it, I am a 20 year old that is always looking for new car parts. I previously owned a Nissan 240 (S14) with many upgrades and decided I wanted to go with the V8 :D

The only mods I have done is an AEM intake (230), Black-back Halo headlights (4 pcs total, brights included for 380), and a sound system (JL Audio W3 12" w/ vented enclosure and a JL Audio 250/1 amp, wiring and install for 900)

20 years old with 8 speeding tickets only 130 a month for insurance (under the parents...)

I am planning on getting TSW Trackstar 5 rims next week, so I'll put some pics up then!

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1997 SC 300,

99,000 Miles, 3rd owner.

Recently I got an issue of starting the engine. Sometime after turning on the key, the car has little response. I've checked that the battery is OK though.

I need to turn off and take out the key, and turn on the key again. Turning key off and on 2 times, 3 times or more (randomly), the engine is on.

Not sure the ignition switch, or starter got issue? Look like the problem is rare after I read and searched the forum.

I look forward to your comments.

Thanks in advance.

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1993 SC300

Purchased: May 2008

Priced at:$5155.33

Mileage at Time of Purchase: 98,251

Mods: No real mods yet. Just ViS Demon Front/Rear bumper, V Speed side skirts, and XXR 18" Bronze w/ Machine Lip rims. Repainted the car Pearl White. About to install HIDs.

Pros: Vast improvement in speed over previous car (Acura Integra).

Cons: Small tears on the driver and passenger leather seats. A tear on drivers side door panel. Minor cracks on the interior of the car (A/C vents, etc.). Temp/Fuel needles no longer light up. Tan interior. I really want to change the interior.

myself: 23 yr-old male

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Bought mine for $1500 from a very good customer of mine (Lexus Consultant) The car had one owner, all service records in hand, has 204200 miles, timing belt , water pump, thermostat, distributor, major hoses, vacuum hoses, battery, throttle body, power steering pump, alternator, AC pressure hose were all replaced at 170k from lexus dealership. car runs like new. I will upload some pictures soon when i get some time. the engine is original no rebuilt and no rust and I mean no rust!!!! Few issues in the car that I think you guys can help me solve it.

1. Odometer needle in the instrument cluster is not illuminating

2. 3rd brake light (spoiler) not working at all

3. Spongy feel on the brakes (probably need to flush and bleed) i need to know the bleeding pattern. would it be the same as the 92LS 400?

4. Need a used nakamichi amplifier. Radio works but no sound because the amp keeps blowin fuse.

5. Wipers operating kinda slow even on HI

other than that the car runs immaculate.

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I own a 99 sc300 with 18" wheels ,lowered 1" frnt/1.5" rear. stock motor ... 40,000mi when bought. I'm the 2nd. owner for the past year...At purchase it had a shake I could feel in the steering wheel at 65mph. Not as noticeable slower or faster. It had new tires with stock wheels. I installed the new wheels/tires and lowering springs.... Same problem!... I have had the car aligned and tires balanced and checked for roundness and rotated several times searching for the source of the steering wheel shimmy. All bushings seem to be good. No excess play in the bearings, ball joints good....Any ideas???

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Greetings from Gary in Western Massachusetts

I love my white 92 LEXUS SC400 - got it from my mom in '94 - who got it new in Miami.

Currently has 160000 miles - I'm retired (i.e. poor) now so I hope to keep this running for a long time. Beautiful Car !!

Not many problems over the years -

window switch in '95 and '98

power steering pump leaked and damaged alternator - replaced both in 2000 (I read others had this same problem :(

other than that just brakes, tires, shocks, a few bulbs, serpentine belt, etc.

All in all amazingly problem free.

Two things that have bothered me for a long time (and I see others have the same problems).

The SPEEDOMETER AND TACH NEEDLE LIGHTS are out - kind of hard to see your speed - I'm glad it gets through Inspection (either they don't care or don't notice)

MOISTURE IN THE HEADLIGHTS when it rains or is washed. Really bad when I moved up here and the dealer changed a bulb (in a warm humid garage) and then took it outside on a damp cold day - needless to say it failed Inspection.

What kind of terrible design is this? Are the lenses actually open to the atmosphere when a bulb is replaced?

I imagine it would cost a few thousand dollars to have the headlight replaced and the needle gauges fixed.

INSPECTION is again due this month - and I'm having a VERY tough time so far. On my way to the Inspection Station the day after Labor Day I noticed the ABS light coming on intermittently. Someone has since told me this may not be a problem for inspection and is probably one of the sensors.

Then the next day my battery (2 years old) was dead. I got a free replacement (Interstate MTP-27F) but the shop mistakenly gave me a MTP-27.

Stupid me :(

I didn't notice till after I had touched the battery posts and saw a spark.

After installing the proper battery the car wouldn't start - no instrument lights - etc.

I checked all the fuses and saw the 150 Amp Alternator fuse was blown (That's a LOT of current)

Anyway finally replaced that - dealer had the part for $19. Then the car started OK.

But more BAD NEWS - now a day later the new battery is completely dead. I am charging it and hope it can be recussitated.

Meanwhile I checked with a Ammeter and saw that about 3 amps is being drawn even when the car is off. I pulled EVERY fuse and it is still drawing 3 amps.

That's a lot of current - one would something would be getting very hot. Any suggestions what it might be?

Hopefully the battery will charge and I can start it Monday and get through Inspection before the headlights fog up again.

Then to the shop to see where 3 amps is going? I did a little googling and saw some posts suggesting an ALTERNATOR problem.

I'll be happy if that's all it is and I can get through Inspection and keep my baby running for another year.

I'll let you know.


PS I did have some other interesting problems with the POLICE STATE in PENNSYLVANIA threatening me and trying to get me to rip out the BEAUTIFUL DEALER INSTALLED SAFETY WINDOW TINT (35%) installed on all cars in Florida. My research indicated that it was quite legal and it DID pass Inspection in PA - yet the police continually threaten people to remove it and illegally extort fines from them.

Read the whole interesting story at <url> </url>

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i am the second owner of my 1994 SC400 and it runs fine but i took it up to 135 once and now it doesnt want to go past 110 and it smokes when i take it up that high. What could be wrong with it.

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'92 SC400

bought for $3750 in Feb. 2004 after my Camaro got totaled.

a few probs, radio went out completely--grounding out somewhere, guage needles, and i've already conquered every 'routine maintainence' catagory

bought in KCMO, i live in Kansas City, Missouri

How did you fix the radio, or did you have to buy a new one

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92 SC400

I'm number 3 I think (it started in Texas and then moved to Michigan)

I found it on a lot about 45 minutes away from me on co-signment. I've wanted one of these since they came out and I finally got the spare cash laying around.

I bought it for $4000 with a jerking, hesitation when I got on the gas. Still had to have it.

So far I've had to replace: plugs, wires, coils, distributors, air filter, trans fluid change, radiator flush, and a warped thermostat housing, and now a possible air flow meter, still testing it.

I put in a True Flow air filter, cleaned out the cats, removed the resonator, and replaced the mufflers with xcelerator mufflers.

Its going to take some major damage to this car for me to get rid of it, I love this car.

Future plans call for a C/F hood, 18" XXR rims, body kit, M90 supercharger, new paint

Right now theres nothing special about it, once I get more done I'll post some pics.

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MY SC400 1994

48 thousand miles

second owner

Problem with high idle

car runs at 20 mph (too fast)

Local dealer says he can't change idle


did you ever get prob fixed? how much?

92 sc400 had high idle.


check engine light came on.

so couldn't pass smog.

then paid 1000.00 to "fix" code.

less than a week later, car dies while driving.

got it towed to place where they "fixed" code.

now mentioning transmission...

car totally dead :(

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I have a 98 SC300. This car was bought on election day 08 for 5 grand with 170K miles. I am the 3rd owner. It was bought new by a lawyer who kept it until 06 when he sold it to his partner. His partner used it for a weekend car and put about 3200 miles on it in 2 years. In that time he did the major service on it and put 99 GS300 chrome wheels in place of the stock silver wheels.

The first problem (a common one) I fixed was the dead LEDs in the 3rd brake light in the spoiler. Condensation gets in there and ruins the electrical board. This was just a bad design and most of them have dead LEDs these days. A new one is around $160 from Toyota.

I fixed mine for $5.

Some people try and repair the board and then solder in new LEDs. I just went to the junkyard and bought the 3rd brake light from a 98 Mitsubishi Eclipse for $5. The LED strip is almost the same length. Anyway, break the Eclipse casing, remove the strip, drill holes in the board to match the Toyota strip mount points, and solder the power wires to make it plug and play. Seal the OE Lexus casing with clear silicone and let it dry a day before installing it on the car.

Mine works great now and has stayed working trough a few heavy rain storms.

Next up....fixing the memory seat system in my car that has been dead since the day I got the car.

Other plans I have are to tint the glass, replace the headlights, make the fogs yellow, and get new struts for the trunk.

The car runs great and looks/drives like a sub 50K miles car. The only dissapointment is the lack of torque between 50-70 mph. I have not put the ECT switch in power yet...but in normal mode the passing power on the freeway is lacking. The engine just runs out of breath. Once you reach 70-80 mph it easily maintains speed. This is not a huge deal but it probably was to people who paid $45K for them new.

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This thread in particular will be very helpful to new owners and potential ones, first here's a few things that might help;


1) PS pump can go bad and can also leak fluid onto the alternator which is right below it and take that out as well.

2) Control arm bushings

3) Gauge cluster needle illumination

4) Climate control LCD display

5) Torque converter weakness

6) Window regulator

7) Headlamp fogging/yellowing

8) Heater control valve

9) CD changer skipping

10) The SC is also very sensitive to wheel+tyre balance/pressure/offset issues

as for mine...

1995 SC400

The local Lexus dealer here consists of a bunch of incompetent rip-off artists and hacks, therefore I only use them for things which are warranty-related, first time I brought it to them for something they gave me the impression they knew nothing about the car short of plugging a scan tool into the diagnostic port. They don't even change the fuel filter when a car comes in for service, because the fittings are sensitive to stripping, 125k mile LS400 comes in and they'll leave the oe filter in there. They weren't even using Dex-Cool for awhile, I tried to explain to them that the Boric acid in green coolant can create a corrosive condition in the alum head (and block in the SC4), they couldn't possibly have given less of a crap. I try to do everything myself when time allows. I've had this car for years and it has never let me down, *knocking wood* Never had a part fail but i've replace both motor and trans mounts which I felt were becoming weak. Brakes are also freaky good on this one, stops about as good as the TT brakes on my other one. Terrible in the snow, even with a load of kitty litter in the boot. As far as mods, 2K front conversion, system, alarm, rims, basic stuff...maybe eight grand in extras.

1999 SC300-T

Shortly after I bought it I sent it to the above Lexus dealer under warranty b/c it wasn't running right, I felt there was some water in the coil pack tray and told them to clean it out and install a set of plugs while they were in there. They told me the head gasket was blown, that it wasn't covered by Lexus warranty (!!), and that it would be over a grand. I told them to throw a set of plugs in and give me my whip back before I started kicking teeth in. It's so smooth you couldn't even tell it's running, and the six with the vvt-i is just about as quick as the four litre and more responsive. Jay Leno says BMW builds the best inline six, makes me wonder if he needs a 2JZ in his warehouse. Long story short, never broke anything until I turbocharged it :rolleyes: . As far as mods sk, I won't get started on that.....after the new motor i'll be into it for well over $40k and still have several things left to do, hoping to finish before I hit $50k.

2002 RX300 AWD

Aah, the dealer again! My fiancee and her father decided to do this on their own and turned down my help, regardless of my connections. Matter of fact, they didn't even take my one biggest piece of advice, don't go to the above dealer! They proceeded to walk in and choose an RX off the lot, got absolutely raped on the payment, they didn't even detail it for delivery, filthy, grease on the leather, etc.

Low and behold she takes it home and I fine-tooth it, and discover it had been hit in the back and repainted, and the crappy work was already starting to show, brand new car folks. Needless to say the dealer did nothing to make this right other than repainting the bumper cover again, didn't even bother to give an excuse, and my fiancee and her father wouldn't let me settle this NY-style, so that's it. We've had it for I guess about 18 months now, no problems whatsoever other than fixing a loose exhaust a couple days ago, drives smoother than my coupes, peppy, and is great in the white stuff. Not a single mod, she says if I put rims on it she'll curb every one of 'em :) .

So who's the dealer? Lexus of Massapequa

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2002 RX300: a light on the dash shows a car with the brake lights lit up. I checked the lights, but they all work, so what does this warning light mean? Also, where can I download an owner's manual so I can see what these warning lights mean?

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i have just recently purchased a 95 sc400,it has full body kit,19''motegi rims,dual ehaughst,cold air intake it is basically stock except for tht stuff and an aftermarket stereo.

problem im having is tht when i use my keyless entry the passenger door tries to unlock but wont i tried to manually unlock it but it feels like ther is something sticking on it tht wont even allow it to manually unlock!! any suggestions??

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2002 RX300: a light on the dash shows a car with the brake lights lit up. I checked the lights, but they all work, so what does this warning light mean? Also, where can I download an owner's manual so I can see what these warning lights mean?

i have an sc400 and it does tht too i asked a couple people about it and they said tht it means ur lights are actually on. it doesnt mean theres anything wrong with it, if u turn ur lights rite off it should go away,then when u turn them on it goes on just telling u ur light are on.

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'92 SC300

190,850 miles

Pics to come

I bought it yesterday and I love it. Last night a belt started squeaking, dash lights don't all light up, power steering pump leaks, and the CD changer in the trunk won't play most of my CDs. The lcd screen shows "ERR".

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I have 1992 SC400. Got it from my friend at work.. Paid 2K for her.. It had 133K miles...It needed brakes, tires, and the A/C recharged. I have owned it for almost 2 years now. Since then, I have replaced, within the last year............

The yellowing of both headlights.... wet sanded and buffed out...

BFI- Cold Air Intake..... with the help of Lextreme

Converted the turn signals to foglights

Panasonic Head Unit

Sony Xplod speakers

Sony Xplod amp... 4 channels

Parking Brake Cover


TPS Sensor

Water Pump


Cam Seals

Crank Seal

Timing belt

Timing Belt Tensioner

Drive Belt

Drive Belt Tensioner

Idler Pulley

Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses

Engine Mounts

Transmission Mount

Upper and Lower Control Arm Bushings... Front and Rear

Rack and Pinion Bushings

Sway Bar links... Front

Swar Bar Bushings Front and Rear

Rear End

19" Chrome ADR Decadence Wheels

235/35/19 Front Khumo ECSTA Tire

255/35/19 Rear " " "

Front End Alignment

New Battery

Flushed Braking System

Coming Soon... New A/C compressor, and all Lextech Lighting for the instrument cluster and climate control. If anyone need helps with repairing or replacing some of the things I did... You know where to find me...

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First post and new here :).

SC400 93

I'm the 3rd owner

Private party in Yorba Linda, CA

I've owned the car for 5 years now.

I see a similar pattern in the problems that ppl have had here. So here are the issues I've had:

1. PS Hose (or pump, still not sure) has a leak. Worked on it a little bit recently and it seems like it's leaking a little from the pump, but there is a spot in the hose that seems to have a leak. Any advice would help. Currently not fixed.

2. Radiator split near the top. Replaced the radiator and currently runs fine. Independent fix, 02/09. $160.

3. Headlight/Foglight fogging, yellowing. My dad gave me a solution to help clean this and it looks great now! 06/08 - Free (at most $5 to buy the stuff though)

4. Alternator went out (didn't think my PS was acting up back then, but it could have been) in 07. Replaced it independently for about $90.

5. Gauge cluster needle illumination (2 years now). Currently not fixed, going to do a search on how to replace it and fix that this weekend.

6. Climate control LCD Display. Currently not fixed. Not sure if I'll bother with this one or not yet. I'll look into fixing it mid 09 if I do.

7. CD's don't read that well. Currently not fixed. Not bothering with this one yet because I'm using a MP3 player.

8. Drivers side seat has a crack in the leather. Currently not fixed. Thinking about buying new seat covers for all of the leather seats.

9. Drivers Side Windows Regulator. Currently not fixed. Looking for replacement parts and plan on having this fixed by 03/09.

10. On a rainy day an old lady with fogged up windows drove right over to me and dented my left front wheel well. Needless to say I didn't do anything with it, now it's rusted and with some other minor chips in the body I'm going to bondo the thing and repaint it this summer.

11. AC went out and I've been living with it because local mechanics want to charge me 1k+ and I'm not willing to spend it yet.

12. First time I was replacing the brakes I followed my brothers advice on replacing them. We ended up messing up the ebrake equipment and it seems like all I need is a brake hardware kit, but I haven't been able to find one for this car. I'll be looking at other Toyota brake hardware kits to see if they would match.

13. Late at night I backed my car up into the garage and clipped the passenger side mirror. Plans to fix that by mid Feb/09.

Other than that, standard maintenance, usually done by myself (seems to never fail every time I take it to a mechanic it's usually missing a screw or a clip).

No Mods

The other car we have is a camry. I love driving this car, it has great acceleration, breaking, suspension, and just a general good feel to it. My wife wants me to drive the Camry more and sell this car, but I don't think that will happen for awhile. I'll post some pictures later. I'll be looking over the forum on similar issues/fixes. I'll take any advice that is given to me. :D

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So I am new to this forum . . . and am currently thinking about trading my 1999 Solara SE for a 1994 SC400. I am not too sure how many owners it has had, maybe 3-5 or so? There are not any real modifications done to the car from what the current owner has told me. The guy is willing to trade for my car straight up, but I am a little worried about some problems he has with the car. I haven't driven the car yet, but he said that the car mechanic told him that he needs to replace the 2 catalytic converters on his car. The guy went on to say that the car can not run over 30 mph or so because of the cat problem. So I was wondering if that was possible or not? I've been searching the forums for a similar issue, and have seen some posts a few years ago about cat problems, but I am still skeptical about trading with him. I've been talking with him back and forth for the past month, and he is willing to trade straight up this week sometime. If anyone has any thoughts please help me out. I really would like to trade for the '94 SC, but I don't want to get a crappy end of the deal. Especially since California law says that I need to get a smog check done when we transfer the title.

~potential Soarer owner

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Dang people. Read the first post and keep all this other crap off!!!!! Damn newbs, lol ;)

1992 sc400 purchased 02/15/2009 for $2300 found it on CL (seller sent me $300 check one month later after bitching about all the repairs i had to do which initially totaled $1300 for water pump, timing belt, plugs wires etc..., so total purchase price $2000 not too shabby.)

Car had 188500 when purchased and by 188700 i had blown the water pump.

Since i purchased the car i spent $1250 on water pump, timing belt, plugs, rotors, caps, transmission flush, full syn. oil change. I had the work done at Lithia Toyota in Medford, Oregon. Worst repair experience i have ever had. Had to go back 3 days later when the aftermarket piece o' crap water pump failed and made a mess in my garage. After that i had to take it back because they did not burp the cooling system properly and i was not getting heat and my light was coming on occasionally. Also asked that they check the ATF level due to slippage and poor shifting. They burped the system and said all fluid levels were correct. I went back a few days later and asked why an oil leak had started to develop and to ask that they check the ATF again to make sure it was topped off. I was told the oil leak was residual from the hydrolic cooling fan assembly from when they did the 2nd pump and said ATF was good. So i finally took it upon myself to crawl under the car and see whats going on. Come to find out they overfilled my transmission with 1 1/2 quarts too much fluid(coming out check tube basically) and i stuck the dipstick in the service managers face when i went back down and also bitched about my main seal leaking as i discovered that to be the actual leak(never leaked anything before the water pump ordeal). I tried complaining but was told they are not a lexus dealer, i then pointed the carquest accessory belt they charged me $75 for and told them they weren't much of a dealer at all!

Long story short, if you live in the Rogue Valley in Oregon save yourself the time i have wasted and go to Kendall in Eugene or even better, do it yourself!

Tried to clean up the steering wheel with a crappy "one size fits all" cover and broke my windshield, that was fun. $300 Novus.

I have since detailed the interior meticulously and everything cleaned well except leather which is on the list for replacement.

K&N air filter, no bfi yet, but i leave my flap open and get much better response(growls).

Changed out worn tires and made 100% improvment on handling. Previous owner recently did passenger side window regulator, kyb's all around, coolant resevoir and new radiator(shibby!).

I took it upon myself to change the quote"non-serviceable" atf filter and replaced the fluids with dexron/mercon III as recommended by Shucks and i havn't had any problems with the tranny since. Although i have to do the transmission mounts and motor mounts while i am at it with the main seal.

Changed the trunk struts, trunk still doesnt open on its own when lever is pulled, but my risk of concussion is greatly reduced and now i use the trunk all the time!

Optima redtop 35(?) series sitting on a few layers of cardboard, I also had to bend the 90degree battery terminals straight but it stretched just right!

I also plan on getting the TC rebuilt with higher stall when i do the main seal.

I'm going to get Lextech to do the guages: green needles to match the car and super 16 white background.

Climate control blackout does not bother me unless i am wearing polorized sunglasses.

Getting an S&S header sometime 2010 and probably full custom dual w/xpipe

UNICHIP scheduled a few months away. $600 installed and road and dyno tuned and if you read posts on planetsoarer forums i can expect 10% increase in power regardless of mods. For extra $250 you bring your own windows mobile PDA and they load software that lets you monitor a/f ratios, 0-60, 0-100 and a bunch of other cool stuff. Sounds worth it and i'm very excited, especially excited for economy mode on unichip for highway cruising, can you say 30mpg v8 sports car?

I am also considering a custom two-tone that plays along with body lines, but the more i look at the pearl green, the more i love it.

Think thats pretty much it. Window and tail light tint is in the plans and i'm also really wanting to take off all chrome when i get a repaint(even if stock color) and get black chrome for badge, window trim, stock 10 spokes. I think with the black chrome all around, tinted tail lights and windows and the almost black green color this thing will look mean.

BTW: I am 25/m and my liability insurance is $35/mo from Am Fam but they wont let me full coverage a 17yr old car! Think i'll switch.

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