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90k Service

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A friend brother provided me a printout of the dealer services provided by a local Lexus Dealer (Phoenix AZ). It includes a comment (at 90K miles) 90000 MILE SERVICE NON WARRANTY - NON OEM . What would this service have included? I have 158K miles on my sweet running Pearl White 1993 LS 400 but am concerned about the timing belt. Is the timing belt the same as the serpentine belt?



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The Serpentine belt is the one belt you can SEE right behind the radiator. It runs off the crankshaft spindle and turns alt, a/c, p/s.

Your timing belt is hidden BEHIND the S. Belt and is more or less Attached to the engine. It is connected with the camshaft timing pulleys (L/R) and waterpump.

Both these belts are replaced on the 90k service.

If you have no records of the timing belt & water pump being replaced, then you certainly have gotten your Moneys Worth!! It is time!

Do you have a way of copying the Lexus 90k service printout? I would be interested in seeing it and compare to the Kansas City Area dealer. I have a 60K printout but I think it's more specific to the 95-2000 LS models.

Send me a PM if you wish.

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