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Finished My 70k Tune Up

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Since I did not have a vehicle history report on my car I did a minor tune up yesterday. Replaced the spark plugs (those babies are not cheap), air filter, cleaned out the throttle body and replaced the PCV valve. Going to do the fuel filter in a month. It was amazing to see how dirty and how much carbon build up there was in the throttle body. Sprayed that all out. (I recommend STP Throttle Body Cleaner) after I put everything back together the engine light and VSC light were on and would not go off. Disconnected the battery (should have done this in the beginning ooopppps) and reconnected and everything was fine. Car runs with a little more behind it. The plugs were original and probably did not need to be changed but since I bought them I did it. Also changed the oil, filter and ran some valve treatment in the full tank of gas. I should be good to go for a long time. I just replaced the cabin filter so it will be fine until the spring.

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