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Help! I Need A Rear For My '93 5-speed Sc300

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:( I am in serious need of help. I'm trying to get a rear for my car because mine is broken. i think any sc300 5-speed rear will work, but i think the rear for the autop has a different ratio. A rear from a non turbo 5-speed supra may work as well. Please, if anyone can help i would appreciate it. I live in Maryland and the cheapest one i have found is at a junkyard and they want $750. My local dealer is asking $3700 list. Any help would be appreciated. I know some of you have swapped your rear with the supra LSD. Thanks again. Anything to help is appreciated. :(

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The different gearing in the AUTO diff is actually a PLUS. Itll make your car faster off the line.

What you will sacrafice is topspeed.

And, actually, you will be stuck cruzing at a higher RPM in 5th gear at the same speed as before.

However, some 5spd diffs are Limited Slip. This is higly desirable. If yours is, you probably wont want to lose that. Make sure the one you buy has it to if you actually care. If you dont, why not get the auto diff.

ACTUALLY, now here an idea. I want an auto diff. I have a perfectly working 5spd Diff.

If I can get ahold of an auto one for a decent price, we can split the cost and shipping. Meaning if it costs me $500 total for the auto.. ill give you mine for 250.

What you think?

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